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2015 Annual Meeting of Fujian Province's New Battery Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance will be held in Jintion

2015 Fujian Province New Battery Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance Annual Conference
In order to promote the common development of new types of batteries and related industries in Fujian Province, the industry’s technical exchanges and cooperation will be strengthened. The annual event of the Fujian battery industry, “The Annual Meeting of Fujian Province's New Battery Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance” will be held on November 28, 2015 in Quanzhou, Fujian Province.
The conference will take the theme of “Haixi Green Battery Technology Progress” as the theme, inviting relevant leaders of the Fujian Provincial Government, experts from and outside the province, universities and researchers to make reports, exchange policies and technical information on battery-related industries, and discuss nickel-hydrogen The key technologies and development trends of various types of chemical power sources, such as batteries, lead-acid (super) batteries, lithium (ion) batteries, etc., promote the conversion of new technologies and promote more extensive cooperation among relevant units.
At the same time, this annual meeting will summarize and discuss the "Fujian Province new battery industry technology innovation strategic alliance" work, and the election of the new general election.
Organizer: Fujian Provincial Strategic Alliance for New Battery Industry Technology Innovation
Undertaker: Quanzhou Jinxin Electronics Co., Ltd.
Electrochemical Technology Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education (Xiamen University)
Fujian Electrochemical Engineering Technology Research Center
Registration date: November 1st, 2015, 16:00-21:00; 28th, 8:30- 9:00
Conference time: November 28, 2015 (Saturday)